Writing A Great Script Fast In A Nutshell

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Step 9: Pick A Plot Goal

Choose 1-2 main plot goals for your Final Story Idea Sentence:

Plot Goal #1:

Plot Goal #2 (optional):

Make sure the goals sound fun visually and see how you can use favorite subjects or goals. Be specific about the goal such as what type of race they want to win.

To slay monster To win the race To rule the world To stop a bomb
To defeat an enemy To win political office To become king/queen To get revenge
To save the world To cure disease To stop natural disaster To fall in love
To get the girl/guy To solve a crime
To solve a mystery
To steal something
To win war
To stop war
To get rich To advance spiritually
To become famous To become successful To blackmail someone To get someone to do something
To get someone to do something To find meaning in life To solve murder To catch a killer
To solve/fix a problem To understand something To learn a new skill To become a top warrior
To become a leader To fight for a just cause To do what is right To help people
To find treasure To get around the system To stop a bad thing from happening To become a better person
To evolve to a higher state of being To survive a dangerous vision quest To travel to distant lands To prove a theory
To get a promotion To get a date To explore new territory To fix broken transportation
To invent a new device To make something new To have a successful art show/event To save a current relationship
To defeat evil      





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