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Step 10: Pick An Antagonist

Who or what is standing in the way of you character accomplishing the plot goal you just chose?

This antagonist could be a madman, boss, family member, teacher, enemy, competitor or organization.

You want to create a great original antagonist - think back to the antagonists in your favorite films or stories to get ideas.

Competitor Madman
Pirate Outlaw
Monster Natural disaster
Family member Authority figure
Boss Commander
Lawyer Evil person
Protagonist himself/herself Bad alien

Corporation or head of corporation
Someone blackmailing someone
Robot Cursed object
Social pressure Criminal
Spirit Leader
The system The police
Enemy The government
Local bully A teacher or mentor
Organization or head of organization Dangerous animal
Thug or gang Characters with different viewpoints
Character seeking revenge Disease

Antagonist Idea For Your Story:


How is the plot goal for this antagonist in opposition with the protagonist’s plot goal?





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