Sherri Sheridan

CEO / Creative Director

Sherri is a leading world expert on teaching story to digital filmmakers, animators, screenwriters and writers. She is also the Creative Director at Minds Eye Media in San Francisco, where she directs, produces, animates, writes and designs visual media projects. Her clients include TV/broadcast stations, record labels, feature film studios, advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies and video game projects.

Currently, she is writing a new story book and app that combines all her previous books and workshops, with 1000's of fresh ideas and examples from famous films and TV shows. "Filmmaking Script To Screen Step-By-Step" by Sherri Sheridan is coming out soon. This new book will be availble at, in full color, or black and white print versions, and as a full color ebook. New story breakdowns include Avatar, Harry Potter, Breaking Bad, Downton Abby, Star Wars, Sons Of Anarchy, Mad Men, 300, Homeland, Frozen and many more.

Minds Eye Media morphed into an electronic dance record company called GeoMagnetic around 2008. Over 20 different sub labels belong to the GeoMagnetic Records family. Sherri created and manages several of these labels, including EDM Records, 101 Dance Hits, Workout Trance and Transcercise Workout. These four labels alone release over 200 record compilations a year.

Sherri is the author of "Maya 2 Character Animation" (coauthor, New Riders, 1999), "Developing Digital Short Films" (New Riders, Peachpit, Pearson, 2004), and "Writing A Great Script Fast" (2007), with 22+ hours of video classes and a 320 page workbook.

From 2005 to 2006 she spent some time working at Sequoia Capital, helping with the launch of YouTube and Meebo, then went on to start "Your Online Movie Studio."

What is missing in user generated content for digital filmmaking? There seems to be a huge gap in visual storytelling abilities between the movie studios and the little guys. is an online movie studio and free film school, focusing on great storytelling, that helps develop, fund, produce, market and distribute, short and feature digital films, TV shows and animations.

"Developing Digital Short Films" was published by New Riders, Peachpit and Pearson in 2004. This innovative book covers the top 20 books on screenwriting, using a simple step-by-step approach, featuring lists of ideas at each step, to keep any writer's block away. This book is now being used as a textbook in 1000's of film and animation schools, all over the world, and translated into many languages, including Russian, Spanish and Chinese. A new series of ebooks with information from both Developing Digital Short Films and Writing A Great Script Fast are coming soon.

Sherri created the ultimate story class based on the book Developing Digital Short Films called "Writing A Great Script Fast" in 2007. This new workshop walks you through a fast and easy step-by-step process, for writing a great script or novel, with lots of emotional arcs, depth and suspense.

A worldwide digital story teaching tour took place during 2007 and 2008. This tour included a month long trip throughout China, where they are now using this story process, in many of their film schools and animation studios, to create better films. A new short film on this inspiring trip is coming soon. Many other countries, schools, studios, screenwriters, novelists, and storytellers, are also using this story process, since it makes teaching story structure so simple. Several US school systems are now integrating the new DVD workshop and the DDSF book as their official story class materials.

How do you make a fun career being a digital media artist? Check out the new CG Magazine article on Sherri from July 2008.

The Minds Eye Media dream team are now in the preproduction phase of their new 3D feature film "The Bigfoot Shamans." This story was developed as an example story, in both Developing Digital Short Films, and the Writing A Great Script Fast Workshop.

Listen to Sherri's radio interview on the show "If These Walls Could Talk" with the subject "What's Hiding in Your Favorite TV Shows?" Find out what you’re REALLY watching when you watch TV by joining Katherine Morris, the Setting Shrink, Emmy-award winning President of the Writers Guild of America, west, Patric M. Verrone, and Sherri Sheridan, Creative Director at Minds Eye Media, and the creator of animations and digital films, for a rare in-depth discussion of the making of television shows.

In 1998 she won the "Best Music Video Award" for "Beyond," by Geffen's Young American Primitive, at the World Animation Celebration in Pasadena. "Beyond" was the first all digital music video created for a major record label, and world premiered at the ResFest Cinema Electronica in 1997.

Sometimes Sherri can be spotted speaking or teaching at industry conferences. She has written articles for DV Magazine and 3D Design. Starting in 2008 she began writing a series of articles on digital filmmaking for Student Filmmakers Magazine.

From 1996 to 2000, Sherri taught a class she invented called Story For 3D Animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Over 4000 graduate 3D computer animation students took the class to develop thesis film ideas. While teaching these students, she started developing the foundation for a unique step-by-step, digital visual storytelling process. This process eventually grew into the book Developing Digital Short Films and the Writing A Great Script Fast Workshop.

Before founding Minds Eye Media in 1995, she helped develop Shockwave Technology at Macromedia, and created the first Shockwave movies on the web. Shockwave became the main engine for every film, video, animation and interactive game on the internet when it was integrated into Flash in 1996. Adobe purchased Macromedia in 2005 for $3.4 billion to aquire Flash and Dreamweaver.

Sherri has a BA in English from U.C. Berkeley, and went to San Francisco State, to study Interactive Design and Computer Animation, for her graduate work.

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