48 Feature Film Themes

Theme is the unspoken and invisible moral message, deeper meaning, underlying idea, or essence of the film. What idea is controlling how and why life changes throughout the film from one condition to the next? DDSF covers 100's of ways to show themes in your films using a variety of techniques. You may want to study the following feature films in regards to theme to see how carefully they are presented.

Feature Films Themes
Alien Fear of the unknown.
Alien 2 The strength of motherhood.
American Beauty Desire leads to suffering.
Antz Think for yourself.
Apocalypse Now There is a fine line between insanity and sanity.
Casablanca Loss of love for some greater cause.
Citizen Kane Exploration of personality; who was Kane?
Clockwork Orange Violence is a cost of individuality and nonindividuals have a loss of soul.
Dangerous Liaisons Courtship as combat.
Dr. Strangelove Exploration of systems and their crushing of individuals.
Fargo Treasure the little things in life.
Finding Nemo Don’t give up. “Keep swimming”.
Pulp Fiction Seeking out redemption in underworld with emphasis on loyalty.
Requiem for a Dream Addiction to dreams.
Run Lola Run Exploration of how the power of love can change fate.
Shrek Seeing inner beauty. When you can love someone else you can love yourself.
Star Wars A hero coming of age taking on lost father's path.
Terminator Man being destroyed by its own machines.
The Matrix Rise of superman against the system of the future.
The Matrix Reloaded Choice verses destiny.
Trainspotting Conflict between life and death urges.


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