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Step 7: Digital Filmmaking Techniques

If you are planning on making the film yourself what Top 5 Digital Filmmaking Techniques do you think you may want to use? If you are really good at 3D animation, or taking a 3D class, you would concentrate on that style. If you draw and want to try doing simple 2D animations in After Effects or Flash you would list those ideas.

Even if you are just writing a story or script and do not plan on making the film, try picking what production style would best match the story. If you are doing a 2D or 3D animated story you want to make sure and include events and characters that take advantage of all the wild things animation can show.

DV (Digital Video) 2D Animation 3D Animation
DV actors on real sets hand drawn characters 3D characters - anything goes!
bluescreen actors hand drawn sets 3D Settings - anything goes!
DV backgrounds pan and scan photos 3D make up
bluescreen body parts animated cut up photos 3D tidal waves
bluescreen pet heads photo collage backgrounds Maya 3D hair
DV with paint FX hand made or string puppets particle FX
DV with 2D animated filter look old toys moved with hands inside a 3D cat's brain

Look also at ways to combine favorite digital filmmaking visual styles such as a 3D character on DV sets or a 2D hand drawn character on 3D sets.


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